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Your wedding bells are more than still photographs. Fotogenic is heavily invested in signifying the importance of preparing ...

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Our team of wedding photographers in Sri Lanka are talented to craft and articulate portraiture poses by becoming the subject of our photography. This is where we put our best forms of art and performances in capturing the behaviour of poses and feelings of the individuals or groups participating in the capture. The lenses incorporate the best of qualities in planning, creativity enhancement, random acts of integrity or kindness and including inspirational posing ideas that you would love to show as your generations pass by!

Wedding Photography

Pick a vibrant day, a delinquent location, and a luxurious yet simple concept to transform the wedding of your dreams into memorable portraits with Fotogenic.

Corporate Photography

Book your photoshoot with one of the best SriLanka photographers at our studio in Jaffna.

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Fotogenic comprises of Wedding Photographers in Sri Lanka who strive to stay at the top of their game, produce the best wedding pictures to journal throughout your life around your loved ones. We anticipate luxury in producing high quality works of our wedding photographers, the editorial crew up to the production of your wedding album.

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We provide our clients experiences during the capture of their wedding shoot. The styles varies from spontaneous to portraiture.


Wedding Photography and Filming Package



Wedding Photography and Filming Package



Wedding Photography and Filming Package


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We strive to present international excellence in our photography journey, as quintessential wedding photographers in Sri Lanka. We are here to create a difference in the portrayal of your big day. Here to create an art of mystical beauty at your wedding!