Wedding Videography


Wedding Videography


Your wedding bells are more than still photographs. Fotogenic is heavily invested in signifying the importance of preparing a cinematic wedding video for you, to probably enjoy on a cosy evening with your loved ones around.

Our wedding videography is all about capturing the scenes behind you and your spouse’s moments. The musical sensation of your event background of guests entering at the location, mingling with your friends and family and every eventful hour that we capture in our wedding videography can never go in vain.

Fotogenic, undoubtedly has a crew prepared to contribute to a beautiful narration of your wedding ballad which encounters scenes from your big day that will forever be cherished in years to come.

We produce a film-constructed wedding videography that intertwines all your hard work invested in your big day. Our professionals are here to cover and applaud you for all that sincere time you and your loved ones put, to make your big day a level of grandeur and simplicity, elaborated by our concept of your dream wedding video.

Wedding Film Collections


Our highlight films are a beautiful classic cinematic edit that aim to give an emotionally true recollection of the day. These films are non-linear and weave together all the different events and moments. They vary in length depending on the amount of customizable coverage you choose.

To view more examples, visit our Home Page and Portfolio for highlight film examples.

Additional Wedding Film Add-ons


Speeches Film

Some of the most beautiful and heart felt words are said during speeches. This film is a chronological edit of the speeches at your wedding.

Ceremony Film

Walking down the aisle with your Dad, the look on his face, your vows. This film is a chronological edit of the ceremony at your wedding

Legacy Films

If you would like to relive your entire day, the feature film is for you. This film is chronologically edited and includes all the major events throughout your day. This film ranges in length from 30-120 minutes as a general rule. 

Same Day Edit

A beautifully crafted short 60 second teaser of your wedding day. This film edited and delivered at your wedding. Great for curing those post wedding blues and for sharing with friends and family who couldn’t make it.

Aerial Footage

A wide aerial perspective can really help anchor where you chose to have your wedding and show it in a beautiful way. This footage is sprinkled into the Highlight and Feature Film if purchased.

Special Event Coverage

We’ll capture the rehearsal dinner, pre wedding shoot, post wedding shoot. What ever you want!

Live Streaming

We can live stream your ceremony to a custom page on our website for your guest to view. Having a crisp video image and crystal clear sound can go along way in making your guest feel cared for when not able to attend in person.

Our Approach


You’ve waited so long for this day to come. You want everything to be perfect. The Venue has been selected, you’ve pieced together your perfect wedding team and you now want to find a videographer that you connect with. Someone whose vision and philosophy align with yours. You are wondering if they will be able to work alongside the photographer you spent months choosing or if they will make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

You are looking for someone who makes wedding films that connect with you… ones that don’t feel cheesy or staged. The moments at your wedding are to important to gamble on and you know you’ve only got one chance to make the right choice. We know how important this day is to you. We know that it’s packed full of emotions, friends and family. We know you don’t want to miss anything and that you want someone to turn it all into a work of art so you can revisit it 70 years from now.

Moments matter to us. Every wedding film we make is a small collections of meaningful moments between loved ones that as a whole create something beautiful. We never want to make you or your guest feel uncomfortable and we go through great length to do this, from the gear we choose, the clothes we wear and our shooting tactics throughout the day. When you and your guest are comfortable with us you’re being yourself, and that is exactly what we want to document. We want to capture that smile that everyone knows you have, or the tender words passed just after the first look, or the endearing hug between your Father and the groom when he hands you off for the last time. These are the moments we will capture when you entrust your day, family, friends and memories to us.

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